September 6, 2015
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time


In these times, there is plenty to be afraid of, if we only look around. It seems that every day the news media have yet more bad news to tell: wars, disease, terrorism, drought, social unrest, and more. Some people have stopped using clock radios to wake up in the morning, preferring a jarring buzzer to the even more jarring morning news. What more do we need before we realize that we are finite creatures, and while there is much we can do to make our world better, ultimately there is a lot that is simply not within our grasp? To this our loving God says, "Be strong, fear not!"

We must do what we can to make our world a better and safer place, but we must also realize our limits and that our ultimate safety is in the hands of God. We can be comforted by the realization that God loves us beyond measure, and will give us every help in our efforts to make our world a loving and safe place for everyone.
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Friends for Life
The Friends for Life campaign is the only direct appeal for funds to support the operating expenses of the St. Louis Archdiocese's Respect Life Apostolate.  The RLA promotes the Catholic Church's teachings on respect for and legal protection of every human life from conception to natural death.  Your gift will educate nearly 2,500 eighth grade students & their parents annually about the reality of abortion and the blessings of chastity through the Right Start program.   Your gift will help heal those who suffer as a result of an abortion through Project Rachel & Project Joseph counseling.  Your gift will also protect those who are disabled, frail, or elderly by enhancing education about end of life decisions that respect the intrinsic value of every human life.  Next Sunday there will be a 2nd collection for Friends for Life.



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